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Odd Spaces is a creative and executive studio based in Barcelona, led by a team of designers, event managers, and interior architects.

Our background in the cultural and creative field connects us with local talent: visual artists, DJs, architects, and food designers are part of the network we have been building for over 10 years, exploring spaces and initiatives that bring a unique value to our projects.

Odd core team:

Cris Moya + Lubos Bisto + Laura Angelats
+ Ella Carreras + Mariona Ruz + Marese Pascual

We mix emotion and function to bring the identity of brands to physical spaces

Odd approach:

Empathy - have every perspective.
Emotion - celebrte every place.
Decision - generate movement.
Sustainability - create from flexibility.
Collab - grow  with our community
Authenticity-  keep our Oddne

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