Hyperlocal is an initiative that seeks to explore Barcelona’s creative ecosystem and its uniqueness through conversations with professionals from different disciplines gathered at the Odd Spaces headquarters. No rush, no cameras, no script.

Just like at home, but at Odd.  


After years of experience in the design of spaces and the production of events, we have realized that working with ultra-local talents and initiatives - people who work in Barcelona and for Barcelona - always enriches us and shows us something new about this city.

Through the people we work with, we discover a Barcelona in which cities, realities and singularities as heterogeneous as the people who live in the city coexist. Faced with this, we ask ourselves: what can we do at Odd Spaces to put all the talent we know in contact with each other? Well, to start with: open our space and fill a table with bread and wine.

Hyperlocal is an initiative that wants to explore the creative ecosystem of Barcelona outside notions such as success, popularity and media focus. We are looking for something as simple as generating a comfortable space for conversation with professionals from our environment and to do it without rushing, without cameras and without a script. Just like at home.

The Odd Spaces headquarters will host professionals from different fields to chat about what we do, why we do it, how we do it and from where we do it, with no other objective than to open a door to the ultra-local universes of the incredible people we work with (or with whom we would like to collaborate soon) and to build connections between them, just for the pleasure of seeing what happens. If nothing happens, we’ll have eaten bread and drunk wine listening to people we like, and for that alone we’ll be happy.


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